Welcome to Scott Tibbles Photography.   Nothing worse than writing about one's self.  LOL   First off, I'm a husband, a Dad to 3 teenage girls (Lord, help me), 3 miniature long haired Dachshunds (all female too), and a fish, that refuses to die, in which  "Dory" (a Powder Blue Tang) whom is going on 15 or 16.  For these reasons, I need to escape and shoot weddings on weekends, and all of those nutty HS Seniors and families.  


So the question is, how did we get to me being a photographer???!!!..... Well, I was the knucklehead always showing up at my friend's weddings, shooting for fun.  When the day was over, my friends always wanted my photos.... apparently they like what I captured.  But in reality I had no clue what I was doing.  So over the years, I've invested in myself, attending numerous workshops throughout the US, while learning from several photographers who were recognized as some of the top 10 in  the wedding photography industry.  I figured If I'm gonna take your money, I sure as heck better know what I'm doing.  LOL     


I currently reside in Southwest Michigan, covering here, along with Northern Indiana predominantly, but willing to travel in my sweet Toyota Sienna Van anywhere. 


As for the fluff.  I don't enjoy walks on the beach, I'd rather sit on the beach and drink a Margarita (Salt on Rim on the Rocks).  I'm a Craft Beer Snob, preferably IPA.  And a Red Wine fiend, which is one of the benefits living just off the Southwest Michigan Wine Trail.  Avid biker (with pedals), as I've done RAGBRAI 7 or 8 times now, which encompasses biking across the state of Iowa for a week, while cleansing my system with Busch Light.  I know, I said I'm a Craft Beer Snob.... it's an Iowa thing.  Along with being a die hard Chicago sports fan.... except for the Cubs, LOL....  Go White Sox!!!  And most importantly, a graduate of the University of Iowa!!!  Go Hawks!!!


If you have any questions,  feel free to reach out at your convenience.  I'm always open.  Thanks for stopping by.